Mattiace Golf

"I went to Mattiace Golf with questions regarding the lie angle on my clubs. Bob watched me swing the club so he could evaluate my swing path. He adjusted the lie angle on my clubs based upon what he saw. He had me try them out, he gave me several pointers and had me swing them again. I was happy with the results, but wasn't entirely certain. I immediately went to the driving range to try out my "new" clubs. I followed the pointers that Bob had suggested. Long story short, after about 5 or 6 balls I was hitting the ball further and straighter than I have hit it before. I have played golf for 50 years and Bob, within 30 minutes was able to help me to improve my contact and trajectory. I play to an 8 handicap but I believe that now that number will be coming down." - Joseph, December 2019

"Bob was both incredibly patient and knowledgeable when it came to giving lessons. We focused on chipping/pitching and driving during our lessons. I'm still a beginner golfer, and I appreciated the speed in which he taught me. Although I've been playing for 6 months or so now, I've never been able to hit my driver with any confidence. However, after 30-45 minutes with Bob, my swing was smoother and my drives were longer and straighter! I'd recommend Bob to a golfer of any skill level, thanks again Bob!" - Zach, October 2019

"Hi Bob: As we just discussed I just shot the best round of my life and I am giving you the credit. I shot a 73 from the senior tees at Blue Sky today 6/22/2019. I just retired in January and turned 70 in May. My handicap had hovered around 16-18 for many years and over the past year I have been in a slump. My handicap increased to 20. Here I was retired, now getting to golf more and I sucked. You had helped me about 5-6 years ago and I had purchased a driver from you and you re-shafted the rest of my clubs. I knew I needed help but was not sure where to turn. I stopped by a hi-tech place and it was clear they were interested in a long term re-engineering of my game. My fear was that, like many golfers who go for lessons that I would get even worse. Then I ran into you at the UNF practice range where you also give lessons. I then stopped by your place and we arranged a lesson at UNF. I was shooting in the low to mid 90s. At our lesson you observed my swing and made some observations. You focused on changing my set up and stance and for the time being left my swing alone for the most part. You aimed me to the left, closed my shoulders by having me practice a cross-handed grip before sliding my left hand back keeping my left shoulder high and using a very strong grip. Then on my half practice back swing you had me "look at the pretty girl behind me" (quoting Jack Nicholas for this maneuver) thus helping me keep my right elbow in and swing inside out. With a strong grip and a slightly opened face you had me concentrate on striking a point just forward and away from the ball. That lesson was about four weeks ago. Since then my scores are better and have been in the mid 80s. Sure I miss my share of shots but now I have a go to stance from which to base my swing. What a day. If I had just birdied 18 instead of getting a double bogey I would have shot my age! Maybe someday. I also know that I will shoot in the 90s again. That is what golf does. Hey, but how sweet today was. I told my playing partners about your lesson and I suspect you will be hearing from them. Thanks again." - Sal, June 2019

"I grew up a casual golf player, occasionally going out to play with friends. However, I would become frustrated after struggling through 18 holes and would feel discouraged about playing again. My entire outlook on golf changed when my mom introduced me to Bob and we had a few lessons. Bob taught each lesson in simple and achievable steps that enabled me to focus on a particular area of my swing, and build upon what I learned with each new lesson. We started with my grip, and in just 3 weeks moved all the way to "hitting the good ground" and swing trajectory for drivers vs. irons. Bob's great personality and teaching abilities have inspired me to take up golf on a regular basis and work consistently to improve my game. Thank you, Bob!" - Carl S, January 2019

"I was about ready to throw in the towel on my golf game as everything I was doing myself was not equating to better scoring. I decided to call Bob Mattiace, from whom I had purchased a set of golf clubs several years back. Bob met me out at the new Blue-Sky range for a lesson, and boy what a lesson it was!!! After two swings, he could tell I was in trouble. However, with some slight changes to grip, ball placement, shoulder movement, and other swing set-ups, I was hitting the ball like never before!!! Bob undoubtedly knows what he is doing to get a hack such as I on the path to better golf scores and more fun on the course. Thanks Bob, and looking forward to additional instruction after I get my muscle memory in sync with what you have provided me so far. Thanks" - John A, October 2018

"Totally frustrated with my golf game (aka ready to change anything), I went to see Bob on the recommendation of my friend, Paul. After one swing, Bob delivered the dreaded diagnosis: You're a dipper with a flat swing, but I can fix that! Bob's plan, if I wanted to see a new Betsy, was to come in as often as I could and not to play golf in the interim. I came eight times in two weeks. Each day we saw less and less of the old Betsy and more of the new Betsy. Through creative drills and visuals, patience, and a lot of humor, Bob not only has helped me hit the mean club in my bag (a five wood), but every club. I can't wait to show Paul the New Betsy! Thanks so much Bob!" - Betsy, 7/25/18

"Just met Bob Mattiace and completed a lesson. I walked in - asked to set up for a lesson - he took me right in. In the one lesson I learned to set up correctly and the proper grip. I have played for one and a half years. I hit the ball better and with more confidence after the lesson. I recommend Bob as an instructor. He's knowledgeable and very friendly." - Jeff Holland

"I used to have a terrible grip, stance, and a reverse pivot before I came to Mattiace. As soon as I came for a lesson, all of those problems disappeared! Mr. Bob used hands-on techniques and in 15 minutes he helped my swing improve greatly. I had only played for 6 months, but I now owe my golf game to Mr. Bob Mattiace!" - Logan Macomb

"I first met Bob back in 1998 when he originally analyzed my swing and built me my first set of custom clubs. I loved these clubs! However, I recently decided it was time to upgrade given the technology changes over the last 18 years and the changes to my game. Rather than shop local, I made the trip from Orlando to purchase them directly from Bob. I could not be happier as I am now hitting my new clubs longer and straighter! Thanks Bob!" - Matt Juall

"I went to Bob Mattiace with zero golf experience or understanding of golf terminology — I was seeking a golf professional who is friendly, approachable, patient, easy to follow, encouraging, inspiring, and passionate as well as knowledgeable about golf/instruction- - all of which I see in Bob Mattiace’s coaching. I began my first lesson hitting the ball with a club speed of 25, and by the end of the second lesson I was hitting with a club speed of 68! I am very pleased with Mattiace Golf and I believe Bob will equip me with the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to play on the course with confidence!" - Crystal McGaha

"I have a two part story with Bob Mattiace. In 2002 I was a monthly golfer who just liked playing the game but I needed new clubs. I heard of Bob from a local pro who told me to have clubs made for my swing and not just buy what the stores sell. I went to Bob and he made me a complete set of clubs which I loved. My club head speed was 125mph and I kept breaking drivers, Bob kept fixing them for me and never asked for a penny which was a bit shocking to me. He found the problem, fixed it, and my game improved. I decided to take a few lessons from Bob and could not believe the results. I went from shooting 100 to the mid 70's in a few short months. I was working on getting my game in shape for Q-school having become a scratch golfer a few months later. Shoulder injuries prevented that. Fast forward 11 years, 3 shoulder operations, a heart attack, and quintuple bypass surgery and I decided to hit some golf balls. I dusted off my clubs and was surprised that I could still hit a good shot. I went to see Bob; he remembered me immediately and asked how my game was. I told him I just got back into golf and he asked to see my swing. A few quick corrections and I was ready to play again. I went out and shot 90, a bit rusty. Saw Bob again, played again, shot 84. I took another quick lesson and shot 75. I played a few rounds with Bob and some of his other students with improved results every time. I also got to see Bob instruct many talented kids and adults with amazing results. Bob had made me 2 drivers after trying to adjust mine to fit my slower swing speed as I am now 46. He also made a 70+ degree wedge for me which I love. My goal of playing pro golf is still alive thanks to Bob Mattaice and his instruction. I can't recommend Bob strongly enough!!! No matter your age, sex, goals, or skill level, Bob can make you better. I can't count the times I have seen Bob take a few minutes to help a struggling golfer with a quick tip. I realized that Bob is more interested in helping golfers than selling golf clubs, a very rare thing these days. I now think of Bob as more a friend than my golf instructor. Thanks Bob for everything you do." - Steven Holzman

"I have been playing golf for about 5 years occasionally and recently started playing more regularly. I came down to Florida for vacation and a friend referred me to Bob Mattiace for a lesson. I have had a bad slice since I began playing and after a 1 hour lesson with Bob, my slice is gone. Bob is an excellent instructor and I recommend him to anyone who struggles slicing the ball. I played at Windsor Park after my lesson and I actually birdied number 18. Thanks Bob!" - Chris Williamson

"Bob, From Jan. 2009 until Dec. 2011, I played golf, maybe, four times. Then I retired and started playing again with the new clubs you made for me. I LOVE these clubs and the one lesson you gave me. I have played three games with them and the results have been amazing!! My first game I shot 104 which was 4 better than the previous game. The second a 100 and today I shot a 98, so, I have taken 10 strokes off my game with your great coaching. I can't say enough about how appreciative I am for your help, and, I will be recommending you and your clubs to everyone I know who wants to improve their game. Thanks again Bob!" - Jim Williams

"After working with my PGA professional Eric Brito and deciding the putter was too short for me, we took the putter down to Bob Mattiace's golf shop in Jacksonville Beach. I am 6'5". Bob added four inches to the shaft, and it fits me perfectly. We played that afternoon, and shaved nine strokes off of my normal game. I only had one three putt and several one putts. Thank you STX and Bob Mattiace." - Terrence Cook

"When I walked into the Mattiace Golf shop to rent a set of clubs, I had no idea that I would be leaving with an entirely changed golf game. While fitting the clubs, Bob identified a simple, yet key flaw in my swing. I stepped up to the simulator and within 5 shots, I was able to play a completely new game. I never knew the reason why I was slicing so many shots until I went to his store. His advice has completely changed my game for the better and I recommend that anyone traveling to the area should stop at his store no matter what skill level. His knowledge made my golf game much more enjoyable, and he can make yours better as well." - Billy B. Iowa City, IA

"Dear Bob, About 50+ years ago I played golf once or twice. This past year I inherited a set of clubs. Now what! We didn't need any more sticks to hold the tomatoes in the garden so I decided to take lessons.

I researched lessons, went site visiting and met various golf instructors and then I met you. At this initial meeting I knew I would be comfortable and would learn the appropriate way of playing without intimidation. You and Mike were by my side, encouraging and correcting and molding me. You lessened my frustration each and every time. I am in my late 60's and now have the confidence of someone much younger. In the 6 weeks of taking lessons I owe everything to the right way of teaching. You epitomize what is important in getting the right instructor. When I am out on the course I hear your voice always correcting me. I feel it is a thinking man's game. I am always thinking of your instructions.

Both of you are the easiest guys to be in the company of. Thank you for everything," Stuart Scheer

"A couple of weeks ago I dropped in for the first time to have a new shaft put on my 9 iron. I had heard your service was outstanding from the guys I play with at Marsh Landing and I needed it repaired quickly. Not only did you make the repair to my satisfaction, but the added bonus was a tip you gave me during my visit.

You might not recall what you told me so let me tell you the story. You asked who I played with at MLCC, my handicap (7) and to see my swing. After just 2 or 3 swings you said you liked what you saw but you would do 2 things to me. Make my left hand stronger and my right hand weaker. After demonstrating it to me, I hit a few balls and naturally it felt very awkward. I didn't think much about it until a couple of days later when I was on the range warming up to play. After a few holes of being conscious of the change and hitting my irons so flush and solid, I found the religion. I go on to shoot 2 over on the front nine after a double bogey on number 4 only because I hit my 9 iron 140 instead of 130 overshooting the green and going out of bounds.

I go to the back side, shoot a 34 (-2) for my first ever under par on the back side of Marsh Landing and a first ever 72 for the day.

I had to let you know cause I wasn't sure you get the feedback you deserve. Thank you Thank you...Thank you" - Bob Castranova

"I walked into Bob's store never hitting under 100 and having a horrible slice. After only one lesson Bob was able to fix my slice. I bought some clubs from Bob and I now hit around a 45 per 9 holes. The Mattiace Method really does work." - Mike Nail

"Ok all you golfers and non-golfers looking to be one--pay attention! I'm about to share a chance happening that can have meaning to you. The Saturday prior to the JAX Symphony race, I was frantically driving up and down A1A looking for First Place Sports where I was to pick up my race package. I was given directions to the Home Depot Shopping Center, just off 202 on A1A, as the location of the shop. Out of frustration, I ventured into Mattiace's Golf shop and asked if anyone knew the location of First Place Sports. Bob Mattiace was in the middle of a lesson and Mike, his trusted sidekick was able to assist me. While I was there, I could not help but focus on Bob's attention to his student, a middle aged gentlemen, no offense sir, but impressed with Bob's ability to hear the student's frustration and address the solution. Right stance, grip and let us not forget to shoot under the "noodle." Grateful that I was finally heading in the right direction of First Place Sports, I said as my parting comment, "someday I'd like to come back and take a lesson." Without missing a beat, they had my name and phone number. Ok good sales people but the story is just beginning here.

After a few calls of trying to set an appt for a lesson, we clicked on a time and date that was mutually agreeable for both parties and now let me tell you where the real story starts. I have an ex-husband that is ranked as VA amatuer and a son who has been playing golf since he was five. He was ranked in three states until the age of 16, now may only play a dozen times a year and holds his own with the best.

My goal is to be able to enjoy the game with my son, not embarrass myself and to increase my drive--putting a strength on driving the ball. After one lesson with Bob, I was able to increase my drive by 50 yards. Bob focused in on my stance, my swing, and my hip rotation. I cannot wait to my next lesson. If you are frustrated, want personal attention, and need privacy to overcome your weaknesses, give him a call. Not only will you like him, you will improve." Sincerely, Bonita

"Hey Bob, I wanted to thank you for the new grips and the swing tip. I played North Hampton today and had my best round ever. Shot 39-33! I had a couple bad swings but recovered with 6 birdies on the last 10 holes. See you sometime soon" - Paul Abdullah

"I am a beginner golfer only having played two rounds of golf since obtaining my current set of clubs. I found Bob using an internet search for club fitters/builders. I was having problems hooking my driver and decided after numerous attempts to change my swing that I might need a new shaft or at least adjust my current shaft. When I got to Bob's store I found Bob and everybody there friendly and helpful. After checking my club he said he could not fit a new shaft as my current club head is made of aluminum (I have a starter set of clubs bought at a local golf store). After a short lesson and making several changes to my set up and positioning I started hitting the ball much straighter but only getting about 200 to 210 yards on the drive. Bob suggested I try a titanium driver. With the new set up and changes I was getting about 30-40 yards more on my drives my longest being 243 yards. I bought the titanium driver with a new grip at Bob's suggestion. I can't wait to try it out on the range and eventually on the course. Thank you Bob and your staff for a truly pleasant experience. I will definitely be back for follow up" - Duane Flowers

"Accompanied by my beautiful wife we stopped at your place twice on a trip to St. Augustine. You made several suggestions about my grip and stance. I purchased a driver from you--9 degree. I have been practicing, weather permitting, the ideas you shared. I have been getting 10-15 yards extra on the drives and have been in the fairway. Today I played 9 holes at our course here and was either on the green in regulation or very close. This is a change for me. The result was 4 pars and 5 bogies. I want to thank you for your passion to teach the game and for taking time with me. I am now able to enjoy the game as I did when I was younger. Thanks for being a real teacher." Your student - John Strebe

"I would just like to say what a pleasure it was learning from the knowledgeable Bob Mattiace. Having never held a golf club, he had taught me the correct swing and posture in only a few lessons. His teaching technique is down-to-earth and will give you a foundation that most people currently playing wish they had. His instruction has given me the confidence to push myself as a player and to be able to remain competitive with more experienced golfers. I would just like you to know that I had never been on a golf course before meeting Bob. When I finally had a chance to play my first round of golf I had only taken a total of 5 lessons with Bob. With no previous experience on a golf course, I managed to birdie the first hole and par two other holes. For anyone who’s played the game, that is a serious achievement; especially for someone’s first time out. Anyone who takes lessons from Bob Mattiace is doing themselves a huge favor. Why struggle on your own when you can learn from someone who has the experience, knowledge, and lesson technology. I just want to say thank you to the folks at Mattiace Golf for giving me a great start to many years of golfing enjoyment. Jacksonville is lucky to have you. Keep up the great work. Best wishes" - Ryan D. Van Ormer

"Over the years, I've played with friends who had bought clubs through Bob, and notable differences were seen immediately. Having recently retired, I treated myself to a complete set of clubs and a couple lessons, and after twenty plus years of fearing my driver, I now am hitting it straight, long and most importantly, consistant. In a short time Bob was able to "tweak" my grip, stance, and swing and now it's up to me to practice. The "simulator" was a great tool because one gets instant results from lessons learned. The price paid for the lesson was well worth the change in my game. Thanks, Bob." - Jack Sares

"After 30 years of playing golf I walked into his store to buy a used wedge and walked out finally owning a golf swing. Instruction was simple, the learning fun, and I've already tasted the exciting results." - Born Again Golfer Bill Camera, Manhasset, NY

"I've been playing golf for over 20 years and have taken lessons from other PGA professionals. However, I had not made any significant improvement until I met Bob Mattiace. We started from scratch due to a poor grip and playing from the right side. In a relatively short time I have made significant progress and would highly recommend trying Bob's lessons to improve your game. I have also purchased 3 hybrids, which are much easier to hit than long irons. I really like the way they play." - Dennis Smyser

"To any golfer who is looking to hit longer and straighter drives, crisper iron shots and make more putts, you have to come to Mattiace Golf. Brother of PGA Tour veteran Len Mattiace, Bob has taken his passion for golf and developed unique and wonderful methods of golf instruction. In just 3 short lessons you will hit the golf ball better than you could imagine. Before I met Bob Mattiace I could barely break 80 - I could work my way around the course but it wasn't as enjoyable as golf should be. Now with Bob's help I can shoot even and am just waiting to break 70. If you're looking to enjoy golf more by shooting lower scores, hitting longer drives and making those big putts, come see Bob Mattiace." - Daniel Baxter

"Bob has given me more pointers and sound advice than any pro. In 2 sessions he increased my club speed, distance and control enough to knock 10-15 strokes off my game. I can play in the low 90's and no one else has helped me this much." - Chuck Pickard

"Without Bob and my Mattiace clubs, it would have taken me forever to break 90 and wouldn't have been nearly as much fun. My Mattiace hybrids are sooo much easier and solid to hit than my old irons. Mattiace Golf is a Sawgrass treasure - meet Bob and your golf game will never be the same." - Faye, PVGCC

"Thank you for building these wonderful Mattiace Golf clubs that I received as a gift for Christmas this year. They are great looking and have a solid sound. Even off-center hits go a long way. Center hits go very far and straight I love them!! The combination of head and shaft weight is just perfect. One can feel the club head throughout the swing. I feel very comfortable with these clubs, even after the first time using them. I am very pleased with how they performed. Great clubs! Thank you again!" - Orlando Rosado

"Bob, thanks so much for the lessons and the driver. I tried it yesterday and it truly did add 50 yards to my drives. I don’t know if it was the club or the swing tip you gave me about keeping my hands low and my elbow toward the target. Thanks again" - Steve and Lori Donaldson

"I met Bob at a club in Orlando - he watched my swing and gave me some long ultralight shaft woods to try - I then had Bob reshaft my entire set and went from 11-12 handicap down to a 4-5." - Ed Douglas

"As a complete beginner, Bob has helped me build a strong foundation based on solid fundamentals. On my first official golf outing, I chipped in from 35 feet for my first birdie." - Kim Fabio

"I came into Mattiace Golf. I have never played golf before. I hit a hybrid 5 on my own and it went 60 yards. With Bob's help my second swing went 123 yards. Then the next swing went 130 yards. After this we tried a driver. My first swing went 153 yards with a club speed of 65 mph. In less than 15 minutes I was hitting a driver over 160 yards with a club speed of 71. I came into Mattiace Golf barely able to play putt-putt golf. Now I am looking forward to getting clubs for Christmas, so I don't have to drive my Dad and boyfriend at the golf course - I can play! The feeling I got when I hit that ball was amazing. I can finally hit a golf ball without missing and spinning in a circle! It was great and I can't wait to play more!" - Cori Thigpen

"Doris from Germany took lessons from Bob during her last two summer vacations and broke her personal record from 92 to 86 at Cimarrone in July 2007 and during this time Bob brought down her handicap from 28 to 23!!! She was so happy about this!" - Franz and Doris Paus

"After back surgery in February I developed some bad habits. I was scoring in the 90's. After one lesson with Bob I had scores of 82, 81, 76 and even par through 10 (before the rain). Thanks for helping me, Bob!" - Lori Collins

"Bob Mattiace worked on my irons and I shot 69 the next day. I also brought a 4-wood to him - he reshafted for me and I hit the club the best that I have ever hit it." - Jeff Woods

"Since being trained by Bob the last 4 months, I have gotten rid of my snap hook to the left, and have cut my score down from 115-120 to a regular 105-108 with my hopes of breaking 100 this summer and the 90's by year's end. Go see Bob!" - Bryan Pinciaro