Drivers & Woods

Mattiace Golf gold driver

Mattiace Gold Driver

The Gold pro-line driver offers draw bias weighting technology to promote a powerful draw ball flight. With a 460cc clubhead and a massive/deep clubface, this driver inspires confidence, incredible forgiveness and faster ball speeds to smash the golf ball for longer carry and explosive distance. Feedback from golfers who have purchased this driver has been extraordinary - with many reporting their longest drives ever.


Mattiace Golf custom driver

Mattiace Offset Driver

The Mattiace Offset pro-line driver uses back weighting technology for a low and deep center of gravity (COG) to promote a high ball flight with low spin rates for exceptional forgiveness, longer carry and powerful distance. Let technology help you fix your slice.


Mattiace Golf custom fairway wood

Mattiace Fairway Woods

The Ace fairway woods offer a tour-inspired pear shaped profile and a square face for golfers of any level to “work” the ball. A unique sole plate design provides minimal turf drag and crisp contact and the stainless steel face offers solid feel and a “hot” face for explosive distance and trajectory.